Ology Essentials provides consulting on business consulting and custom cosmetic and essential oil formulations. Kayla Fioravanti understands everything from being a small business start-up, going through growing pains, managing an expanding business and exiting from a company. As chief formulator for a company that started with nothing and expanded into a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of formulated products, Kayla has had the opportunity to trouble-shoot and solve an expansive list of formulation problems.

As your business couch and consultant Kayla Fioravanti will help guide you through the common pitfalls, bunny-trails, and obstacles of business. Kayla hasn’t held a traditional job since 1997. Not every business idea has been a success, but every one of them taught her several worthwhile lessons. Kayla’s coaching experience comes from what she learned in her own business failures and successes—not from a textbook.

Whether you are in the process starting a business or a veteran in business, Kayla has most likely been there and done that—or walked beside someone while they went through the experience. Wherever you are in your business journey, Kayla can guide you through the obstacles. If you need a cheerleader, nag, task-master or coach, Kayla has you covered.